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Carry on jaywick by dan murphy

Vault festival, 22-26 feb, 19:15, the cage.

join kuleshov and touring company murphy & co for carry on jaywick following sell out south east tour.

Carry on Jaywick is a new verbatim play about jaywick, the seaside gem of the essex coast which has fallen on hard times but lives to tell the tale.made up entirely of the words of real people, carry on jaywick is a story of hope amongst the hopeless, laughter in the darkest times, and what it means to fight for where you're from.

set in village halls and dance classes, during family rows and moments of inspiration, this heartwarming and hilarious 'reality play' will show you a slice of english life which has been forgotten by the mainstream media.

"jaywick is one of them places where you either make it, or break it. and a lot of people been breaking it round here."


carry on jaywick is about home, identity, and not letting life grind you down.


CREATIVE TEAM                                         Cast                   

Writer: dan murphy                                                     Debra baker

Director: hannah joss                                                 Georgia brown

Exec producer: ashleigh wheeler                                Clive keene

producer: holly hooper                                               graham o'mara                                               

designer: Cécile Trémolières

Sound designer: Chris prosho

Lighting designer: dan saggars

Stage manager: lottie mclarin



Carry on Jaywick is an innovative and fascinating insight into an overlooked community.
— Paul Jellis, Executive Director, HighTide
Carry On Jaywick is deeply moving, funny, acute and invaluable. Dan Murphy’s verbatim play is always respectful of the impoverished community that is its subject but it is also poetic, brave and visionary.
— Lucy Maycock, North Wall
Carry on Jaywick is a refreshing, thoughtful and well-crafted piece. It speaks directly to audiences, to today, with an aching relatability, presenting real people and asking real questions....has a meaning and a mode far more impressive than most fringe theatre.
— Live Theatre UK

seeded by house in partnership with Lakeside Theatre and supported by Arts Council England and the old vic lab