cans by stuart slade

theatre503, 4  - 29 NOV, 2014


writer: stuart slade

director: dan pick

production designer:georgia de grey

lighting designer: christopher nairne

sound designer: kieran lucas

composer: ned roberts

co- produced with etch



Graham o'mara

jennifer clement     


"The last year of Dad’s life was a fucking nightmare. But you know what? That was one year in fifty. Rest of his life was pretty much awesome for him, you know? And I keep saying to myself - one year in fifty - that still makes his life, like, 98 percent happy, right? That’s pretty good statistics, right?"

Jen’s Dad was a chat show host, a national treasure. But now he’s dead and Jen’s getting spat at in supermarkets. To make matters worse, Uncle Len has made it his mission to help her get over it. Hiding from a very hostile world in a very shitty garage, Len and Jen down cider, drown mice, talk crap, mend cats, share painful secrets, tell appalling jokes and try to work out whether either of them has any kind of future whatsoever.

cans holds a mirror up to our modern times
— ★★★★ time out
Graham O’Mara and Jennifer Clement are excellent
— ★★★★ the public reviews
Timely… Intimate… Wickedly funny yet very thought provoking
— ★★★★ the upcoming
Intelligent, funny and humane… a very impressive debut
— ★★★★ The Stage