bu21 by stuart slade

Trafalgar studios 2, 4 jan - 18 feb 2017


following a sell out run at theatre503 in march 2016, bu21 by stuart slade transfers to the west end's trafalgar studios.

“Every night on the news there’s literally always some sort of massively catastrophic end-of-the-world shiz going down: genocide, earthquake, terrorism, school shooting – it’s endless, you know? And I always wonder ‘how would I cope, if that happened to me?”

BU21 follows six young people in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the heart of London. By turns terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious, BU21 is verbatim theatre from the very near future



writer: stuart slade

director: dan pick

Producer: tim johanson

Producer: mark cartwright

Associate Producer: Holly hooper

assistant director: Kane desborough

movement director: jessica boyd

production designer: alex doidge-green

lighting designer: christopher nairne

sound designer: owen crouch

Production manager: richard irvine




alexander forsyth          

clive keene

Isabella laughland  

roxana lupu

graham o'mara

florence roberts


Remarkable…truthful, uncomfortably funny
— ★★★★ The Sunday Times
Brilliantly provocative...Slade’s play and Dan Pick’s production has a bristling, pugilistic hunger, a raucous sense of humour and a refusal to be satisfied with itself that stops it disappearing up its own arse
— ★★★★ TimeOut
Compelling...constantly sparky
— ★★★★ Evening Standard
Remarkable, challenging...deeply compassionate, resolutely unsentimental... the performances ring painfully true
— ★★★★ The Financial Times
Strongly recommended
— ★★★★ The Independent